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Design Of Jigs & Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are nothing but, manufacturing tools used for precise batch or mass production of components which are identical (duplicate) and interchangeable. Various types of Jigs and Fixtures are available in the market. certain customised types of jigs and fixtures can be created us. Jigs and Fixtures help in making the process of manufacturing more accurate and efficient. They are designed specially to enable mass components to be machined or assembled.

We have undertaken all type of manufacturing and process related fixture based customised requirements which support to automation systems.

Reduced manufacturing costs.

Increase in production

Increased accuracy as well as increase in production capacity.

Reduces setting time

Better product consistency

Simplify the work

Ensures better safety of operating machines

Expensive initial cost for setup

Time consuming initial setup

Not long lasting, wears away with time


Utilizes more materials

Tough and complicated design