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Pressure & Vacuum Autoclaves

Pressure & Vacuum Autoclaves is also popularly known as pre-vacuum autoclave/sterilizing and is well suited for procedures of sterilizing where removing air through sterilization is difficult, for example, large or porous items like the medical, dental, and surgical kits, animal cages. Vacuum autoclaves are of 3 different types and use temperature as high as 121 degrees within the chamber. Vacuum autoclave is a device used mainly in the medical, dental, and food industry for sterilizing. This is a relatively new innovative technology for the procedure of sterilizing. Vacuum autoclave uses saturated steam at very high pressure for approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the purpose of sterilizing.

In vacuum autoclave procedure it enables high-temperature steam penetration and sterilizes items and areas which are hard to reach. As this process completely evacuates the air within the item that needs to be sterilized it enables deeper sterilization of the items, contents.

Let us have a quick look into the advantages and disadvantages of the vacuum autoclave.

Usage of vacuum autoclave is more cost efficient / economical

Better penetration on all kinds of surfaces

Less time consumption for the process

There is no requirement of anydisposables or chemicals addition for the process

Due to the exposure ofmoisture, carbon steel may get damaged

Retention of moisture or dampness

Mandatory use of only certain variety of plastics and stainless-steel instruments which are capable of bearing the heat