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Vacuum fryers are a newer alternative to the old deep fryers and these vacuum fryers come with a multitude of advantages. Vacuum fryers use low pressure and low temperatures for the process of frying. A wide variety of vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat are fried through these vacuum fryers. It is used for preparing a whole lot of deserts and snacks.

As with any product, vacuum fryer also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at some of these.

The advantages can be broadly divided into 2 types, economical and qualitative.

The technology adapted in these fryers has the potential to reduce the oil content of these food products to a great extent, making the snacks a healthier option. This also enables the snacks to be more crisp and provides longer shelf life as compared to the regular deep fryers. The frying process of vacuum fryers helps preserve the color, nature, flavour, consistency, and most importantly helps in retaining the nutritional feature. This process of cooking/frying through the contact of hot oil and removing the moisture of the food has been proved to be more healthy.

There are not many disadvantages, nonetheless the major flip side being the cost factor. The investment required for the vacuum fryers is far higher than that of the regular deep-frying machines, which is not affordable by everyone.

What Is Vacuum Fry ?

Vacuum Fry is used for drying food or moisture adjustment through the regulation of oil temperature. Using oil by vacuum fryer for drying is the most common method in modern industry. Compared with other drying methods, vacuum frying makes it easier to maintain natural colors and flavors of the finished products in a short time.

Low temperature and Color Preservation

In the reduced pressure situation, utilizing the fact that the boiling point of water drops greatly, the material’s color could be remained at a lower oil temperature during the drying progress.

Unique Texture

It has the characteristic that the evaporation amount becomes the maximum in the first 2 minutes after the frying start, which makes unique texture different from normal pressure frying.

Why Vi Vacuum vacuum frying machine


No precious vitamins and no nutrition are lost in the process

Lower Oil Content

Compared with conventional fryers, the food products made by VIVACUUM vacuum frying method have a significantly lower oil content.

Great Taste and Color

The original taste and flavour are fully preserved and ‘sealed-in’ in the finished products. No fading.


Bacteria do not increase in the dried materials and products can be sold at normal temperature

Maintenance and operation

Machine has been easy of maintenance and easy operation user friendly

Vaccum Frying Machine Models

Sl.No Description Model VF-50 Model VF-100 Model VF-300 Model VF-500
1 Frying Basket Volume in Litres 50 Litres 100 Litres 300 Ltrs 500 Ltrs
2 Input Capacity Kg 25-35 kg 45-55 kg 100-120 kg 250-300 kg
3 Material of Construction SS304 SS304 SS304 SS304
4 Frying oil Volume (Litres) 250-350 Litres 500-550 litres 1200-1300 Litres 2500-3000 Litres
5 Electro Pneumetically Operated Valves yes yes yes yes
6 Vacuum measuring gauge Digital gauge Digital gauge Digital gauge Digital gauge
7 Vacuum range in mili-bar 30-60 30-60 30-60 30-60
8 Frying Temperature Deg C 80-110 oC 80-110 oC 80-110 oC 80-110 oC
9 Digital Temperature display by
K-type Thermocouple
yes yes yes yes
10 Rotary vacuum Pump yes yes yes yes
11 O-rings, Rotary seals & Fastners Food grade Food grade Food grade Food grade
12 Frying & De-oiling Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt Inbuilt
13 Batch Time in minutes 40-60 minutes 40-60 minutes 40-60 minutes 40-60 minutes
14 Heating Source Electric/Steam Electric/Steam Electric/Steam Electric/Steam
15 Water cooled condenser yes yes yes yes
16 Oil storage tank 350 Litres 650 Litres 1400 Litres 3200 Litres
17 Oil Circulating gear pump yes yes yes yes
18 Electrical controlling system HMI & PLC HMI & PLC HMI & PLC HMI & PLC