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Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces

Vacuum furnace is a furnace which can heat materials, mostly metals, to very high temperatures and perform the process of brazing, heat treatment, and sintering with high level of consistency and low level of contamination. The product in the furnace of the vacuum furnace is surrounded by vacuum.

Vacuum furnace, in simple words is a clean heat treatment system. Vacuum furnaces come in various types and sizes as per the industry requirements and are much in demand, but nonetheless vacuum furnace have certain advantages as well as disadvantages. Let us quickly have a look at them

Vacuum furnace can be controlled through computers for repeated performance

Uniformed high temperature.

Cooling ( quenching ) is quick of the product.

Contamination of the product is very low by either oxygen, carbon, and any other gases

Rapid oxidation caused due to heating metals at high temperatures is not desirable, and vacuum furnace prevents rapid oxidation by removing oxygen.

Precise control of temperature

Even if a part of the furnace is exposed to the outside atmosphere, it can lead to large levels of heat loss.

Owing to the low heat transfer efficiency of the furnace, the heating speed of the workpiece becomes even more slower.

The control is quite difficult due to the heat capacity and thermal inertia of the furnace being large.

Life of the vacuum furnace can be short.