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Vacuum Hot / Laminating Press

Vacuum hot press is a relatively new concept used extensively these days. Vacuum Hot Pressmachinemakes use ofuniform heat and pressure. Vacuum Hot Press allows for a faster evacuation of air inside the unit during the process of vacuum draw leading to shortened time before the application of pressure. Vacuum Hot Press is used mainly for fabricating materials which are very brittle and hard. Vacuum hot press machines are very effective in minimising the formation of oxide. In a controlled environment or atmosphere, the process of vacuum hot pressing has the ability of combining high temperature, pressure, along with time simultaneously.

Let us look into some of the major advantages and disadvantages of vacuum hot press

Automatic adjustments according to the thickness.

Laminates, heat mounts, and cold mounts

Saves time and money due to multiple mounting of various sizes and thicknesses

Standard timers

Pulls moisture automatically from the mounting materia

Very high use of electricity

Limitation of maximum mounting

Needs monitoring

220 volt requirement, multiple wire hookups required

Delay in application of pressure