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Vacuum Impregnations System

Vacuum impregnation is a process of sealing the porosity in metal castings by applying vacuum pressure. Vacuum impregnation is also known as porous metal sealing or porosity sealing. Vacuum impregnation process is very effective in sealing even the micro porosity and macro porosity. Vacuum impregnation is a non-destructive method. In this method, a solution with specific composition is introduced into the porous matrices of the fruits and vegetables. There are 3 different types of vacuum impregnation.

The concept of vacuum impregnation is basically to seal the porosity as well as the leak paths. They are used in various fields and industries and are quite popular. Nonetheless, they have a few advantages and disadvantages. Let us quickly have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum impregnation.

The vacuum impregnation process provides the advantages of mechanical resilience, void free system with high dielectric strength, great thermal capabilities, and good chemical and moisture resistance.

The disadvantages are very few as opposed to the numerous advantages of vacuum impregnation. The main disadvantages of the vacuum impregnation is its cost (highly expensive) and the requirement of large sized tanks.