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Vacuum roaster machine as the name suggests uses the vacuum for performing the roasting process. Vacuum roasters use low temperature for processing the food. Roasting beans, nuts, and other food products has been one of the regular way of processing food for ages. The new advanced technology of vacuum roasting provides us high quality roasted food items with lesser deposits of acrylamide (has been proven to be carcinogenic). Due to the vacuum roasting method which is under low temperature the consumables are far healthier as opposed to the regular conventional roasting method. The food products are more crisp, with better shelf life, more healthy.

Vacuum roasters are relatively a new concept in comparison to the conventional roasters. Like everything else, even vacuum roasters have both advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a quick insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the vacuum roasters.

Lesser deposit of acrylamide ( carcinogenic chemical ) on the food products

Roaster food more crisp

Longer shelf life

The vacuum roasted food is healthier

High thermal efficiency

Evenly roasted beans and other food products

Though there are not many disadvantages of the vacuum roaster machine, the few main ones are the cost. Vacuum roasters are not easily affordable and are also high on maintenance.