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Vacuum Dryer / Dehydrate Machine

Using stored dried fruits and vegetables has been an age-old concept. In the olden days the most common way was to sundry the fruits and vegetables for future use. With time though usage of dried fruits and vegetables is still practised the methods have changed. The newer advanced technology and newer concept uses machines for drying / dehydrating vegetable and fruits. These are done under low temperatures. This enables preserving the colour, taste, texture.Using low temperature steam the vegetables and fruits are dried evenly.

These vacuum dryer machines are highly efficient, advanced, as well as reliable and come in various capacities to suit the requirements.

What are all the advantages and disadvantages of Vacuum Vegetable And Fruit Dryer Machines? Let us have a sneak peek into it.

Vacuum dryers are heat sensitive

Lower temperature as compared to other forms of dryers

Faster and efficient drying process as the heat is evenly distributed on the large surface area of the dryer.

The quality of vacuum dried fruits and vegetables is much better than the other methods of drying.

Vacuum dryer machines are quite expensive

Low efficiency as the process is batch type drying.

Maintenance cost is on the higher end

Need of skilled labours for operating the vacuum dryers.